Krista Does The Internets Review: FlipSlips Foldable Flats

I was really excited when FlipSlips reached out to me to try their new foldable flats, because #savemyfeet. Their flats are different than most foldable flats, because they actually flip inside out so the soles don't touch the rest of the stuff in your bag! They also have a super cute ankle strap that doubles as a strap to cinch your flats so they get even smaller. The pair I chose actually came with three extra sets of straps, so I could also go gold, silver, or have a double crossed strap instead. 
I love love love all of my shoes, but I end up not wearing them a lot because they end up killing me during that commute, and I hate stashing an extra pair of shoes in my purse because having whatever has touched the bottom of my shoes touch the rest of my shoes is so gross, especially in Chicago! I'm always searching for comfy flats to wear instead, but the search has been mainly futile. I've also tried all matter of foldable flats without luck - they're often like wearing nothing at all. 
Oh, and the best part about these little guys is they're actually comfortable!! They have a pretty thick and cushy sole, so they're actually nice to walk in. They also didn't rub my feet at all during my commute - win!!